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   About this site

You can find some programs for processing of space imagery on this site. Programs allow to fulfill:

   Short descriptions are in section Programs. More detailed descriptions are on each program page (sorry, but some pages are under construction).

   There is sample project in section Test projects (external orientation with map reference and orthorectification of KVR-1000 imagery (Cairo, Egypt) with resolution about 2 meters).

   Some my articles about orthorectification, cartographic projections, coordinate systems, satellite imagery, digital elevation models (DEM) are in section Articles.

   There are links for program archives in section Download page. Programs are freeware.

Short description of programs

OrthoMap - simple tool for orthorectification of space imagery. It can work with Ikonos, QuickBird, Spot, Landsat and other images (see user's guide). It has some methods of rectification (polynomial, central projection) and some camera models (frame, panoramic...) You can download it here.

Reproject - recalculation of raster image projection (for example: Gauss-Kruger (Transverse Mercator) on Krasovsky spheroid to UTM on WGS-84 spheroid). You can download it here.

Coordinate Calculator - coordinate recalculation for different cartographic projections (for example, longitude latitude to Cartesian on different spheroids. Now program supports 264 datums on 33 spheroids and projections UTM, Transverse Mercator, Lambert, Stereographic, Geocentric. Version 2.0 - freeware, 2.01 and 2.02 - freeware. All versions - 2.02, 3.0.0.x support recommendations from Defense Mapping Agency (NIMA, USA) Technical Report 8350.2.

Flip, Subset, Mosaic, Fusion - additional utilities.

Site news

2020.03.31 programs now freeware

2015.12.30 Happy New Year!

2014.07.25 Vacation till 2014.08.18! Lisences may be delayed!

2014.07.25 First image from "Meteor-M" #2

2014.07.22 Happy birthday! "Canopus-V" 2 years!

2014.07.02 Added utility meta2Poly for RPC-files creation for processing in standart photogrammetric software. FREE of charge! with registration after 15 days

2013.11.07 Program OrthoMap added coverage scheme, fixed AOI calculation error.

2013.09.30 Ryazan. Conference

2013.09.21-27 France. Conference "From imagery to map"

2013.08.28 MAKS aeroshow 2013

2013.07.12 Vacation till 2013.07.28!

2013.06.25 "Resurs-P" was launched on June 25 21:28 moscow time

2013.06.19-21 Minsk, BKA

2013.05.21 Article "Kanopus-v" imagery georeference improvement (in russian)

2013.02.28-03.02 Munich, Intergraph

2013.02.01 "Kanopus-V" now on duty

2012.12.01 Software "GeoKA" for "Kanopus-V" images georeference enhancement finished. Accuracy improves about ten times!

2012.07.22 "Canopus-V(Kanopus-V as you like)" and "BKA" launched! My congratulation to all involved and interested!

2008.11.24 Program OrthoMap - fixed some visualization bugs.

2008.09.08 Program OrthoMap is free now for private users, after registration key will be sent to you.

2008.06.09 Implementation of path find algorithm added on page Algorithms, sorry, but only in russian.

2008.05.30 Added program GoogleIndexer for creation of download list from Google Earth and georeferancing downloaded raster files.

2008.04.04 Added page with descriptions (in russian) of satellites.

2008.04.03 New section of site - Satellites There will be short descriptions of satellites, the data of which can be processed by OrthoMap

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