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Coordinate Conversion Utilities
Coordinate Calculator 2.02 Shareware 601Kb ccalc202.zip 264 datums, 33 spheroids,
full list of spheroids in trial version!
Coordinate Calculator 2.01 Shareware 544Kb ccalc201.zip . MyCommerce
Coordinate Calculator 2.0 Freeware 955Kb ccalc2.zip . free
ReProject 2.00 Shareware 876Kb reprj200.zip 264 datums, 33 spheroids,
full list of spheroids in trial version!
Image processing utilities
Flip/Rotate Utility 2.00 Shareware 505Kb flip200.zip File size more 2Gb MyCommerce
Subset Utility 1.0 Shareware 663Kb subset10.zip . MyCommerce
Mosaic Utility 2.0 Shareware 643Kb mosaic200.zip . MyCommerce
Fusion Utility 2.0 Shareware 643Kb fusion200.zip merge high resolution panchromatic image and medium resolution color image MyCommerce
OrthoMap 1.33 Shareware 1.66Mb omap133.zip full program without User's Guide and samples MyCommerce
OrthoMap User's Guide User's Guide for ver 1.33 Free 1.23Mb omap133_en.zip packed User's Guide in rtf format  
Demo sample for OrthoMap no version Free 10.4Mb demo_part1.exe demo_part2.rar demo_part3.rar raw image, control points, DEM, project  
Orthospace demo Freeware 2.57Mb ospace.zip demo without samples free
Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
DEM statistics 1.0 Freeware 369Kb stat.zip create DEM or image statistic report in html format free
ESRI Shape files(*.shp)
Simple shape-files(*.shp) viewer 1.0 Freeware 243kb shpview.zip ESRI - ArcView shape files free
Convert ESRI shape files(*.shp) to text GCP files 1.0 Freeware 241kb shp2gcp.zip ArcView shape files to text Ground Control Point files free
Simple GPS demo Demo Freeware 489kb gpsdemo.zip simple GPS demo with shape files free
Google Earth
Google Indexer - creates raster file list for Google Earth download + georeferencing (world files) program G2World 1.0 Freeware 1140kb GoogleIdx10.zip creates list of raster files with defined resolution level for Google Earth downloading, for example, with the help of program ReGet + program for georeferencing of downloaded files free

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